Hailing from the desert sands of New Mexico


CINEMATICA is an instrumental ambient Post-Rock band. The trio formula is Brandon Mike (Guitar, Synths) Eddie Jacquez (Drums) & OJ Kaminky (Bass). Our sound was inherited from the Southwest desert in the delicate womb of New Mexico. Song titles “Aquarius, Saturn Diamond & Sands Of Atlantis” can flirt with the imagination while also delivering sonic complexions of a serene sunrise, elegant landscapes and a telescope romance of the intellectual night sky!

A stylistically unique experimental alternative, psychedelic instrumental punk rock band from day one, the members of Cinematica have been been performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over the hearts of industry professionals and music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music. Coming off the successful completion and riding the wave of momentum from the band's first full length album " Ultraviolet Waterfall " produced by esteemed Gold Record Producer Kenny Riley, with  collaboration from world renowned artist Drew Roulette of the rock group Dredg, the band is prepared to make an even bigger impact on the rock world with their second album titled 

" Jaguar Priestess"

Once again the band joined forces with Kenny Riley to create a sonic temple of psychedelic instrumental bliss with a taste of chaos that truly delivers from start to finish. Drew Roulette signed on once again as well to create the cover art for the new record along with long time friend & fellow artist Kiko Monclova who provided additional artwork for the disc cover. Jaguar Priestess made it's arrival on August 1st 2020 and is now availalbe on all major streaming platforms such as 'Spotify', 'Apple Music', 'YouTube' ect... We are very proud to bring to you our 9 song concept record that delivers a stellar breathe of fresh air during a time of dark clouds & uncertainty in the world live in in the year 2020. Nobody could have foreseen the pandemic & tumoltious challenges we are all now facing moving into the future so we thank you all for allowing us to provide you with atmosphereic soundscapes that will become the soundtrack to your everyday lives and for that we are forever grateful. Cinematica is a brotherhood and you are all welcome to join our secret society.

We are nothing without all of you.



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